eslingas de recuperaciòn

Recovery straps of varying lengths are a vital part of any off roader’s kit. Terrafirma recovery straps will suit all recovery situations involving light to heavy 4x4 vehicles.

Terrafirma snatch straps are constructed from a complex bright orange nylon material designed to stretch up to 20%, which when used to recovery a stuck vehicle uses the kinetic energy stored in the strap under tension to help extract the vehicle from its bogged situation. A snatch strap should be used in all vehicle to vehicle recovery and towing situations as the stretch provides a much more forgiving and less jarring connection between the vehicles.

Terrafirma tree straps are wider than other recovery straps, this is important to prevent ring barking or damage to trees when using them as a suitable anchor point when winching. Tree straps are produced from bright green nylon to clearly identify them from other recovery straps.

Terrafirma extension straps can be used for towing but as they do not stretch they give a hard connection between the two vehicles, the most suitable and common use is to extend the length of the winch cable in situations when the recovery vehicle or the only tree in site is out of reach. Terrafirma extension straps are made from purple nylon to clearly distinguish them from other straps in your kit bag.

All Terrafirma recovery straps all come with reinforced eyes and are sleeved to protect the stitching. The capacity and length of each strap should be carefully considered when selecting to suit the weight of the vehicle and circumstances in which they are to be used.